Zvezdana Oluić

Zvezdana Oluić

Head of PR & Marketing Department at Montenegrin Employers Federation

Zvezdana Oluić is the Head of the PR & Marketing Department of the Montenegrin Employers’ Federation (MEF), an umbrella employers’ organization in Montenegro, representative on national and international levels. Her 13 years long professional experience in the MEF covers many aspects of the PR profession, especially regarding the team leadership and management, building and promotion of MEF’s influence, its image, reputation, and prestige in the public.

Zvezdana has more than 20 years of professional experience in the area of PR and media, having worked as, inter alia, a PR agency’s CEO, an editor in chief of the radio “Elmag” and a journalist in several media. She is strongly involved in the process of women’s economic empowerment, being especially committed to the promotion and support of women in entrepreneurship and management.

Zvezdana was a speaker, a facilitator, and a panelist at numerous conferences and round tables in the country and abroad, she is the author (and editor) of many expert publications and articles published in Montenegrin and English language, along with having been engaged as a lecturer by The Human Resources Administration of Montenegro, Business Start-up Centre Bar, Montenegrin Media Institute and MEF, on topics such as PR and media, marketing and branding, CSR, presentation skills, corporate communication….

Since 2008, along with the work in the MEF, Zvezdana has been engaging as an Expert within numerous EU projects in Montenegro (Public Awareness, PR Manager/Media Relations, Communications and visibility, Awareness Raising associate) as well as an associate of international organizations in projects realized beyond borders of Montenegro.

Zvezdana was awarded Recognition for the best communicator in the project of promotion and reward of the most responsible for entrepreneurship development in South-East Europe “Creators for Centuries” (Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2015), and the „Oscar Popularity “ for the best radio station in Montenegro (during her engagement of an Editor in Chief at radio “Elmag”, 2001).

Zvezdana Oluić holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and is currently working on her master’s thesis in the area of Public Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Podgorica, University of Montenegro.


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