Željka Bajramović

Željka Bajramović

Head of Marketing Department at FIS

Ms. Bajramović was born 19th Nov 1967 in Zenica.

After finishing Secondary School “At Ibrahim Perviz” in Zenica, she began her career in the war-torn year of 1994, working at the time for the first independent television network in Bosnia, ITV Zetel, which was based in her hometown. After six years of working in journalism, she becomes the main editor-in-chief of the news department. Two years later, she moved to work for TV OBN, TV Pink BH, and FTV (Federal television).

In 2005, she decided on a new challenge, and that was to join a young and creative PR team in FIS Vitez, a company that was experiencing massive growth at the time, as the head of the public relations team. Her rich experience in the world of television had a great influence on her, helped her build strong working habits, and made her noticeable in the social sphere, as well as establishing easier communication with the media, making the challenge of delivering the right information at the right time an easier endeavor.

A professional and morally correct attitude in cooperation, even during testing times, leads to work being done with the highest standards of quality and a sense of purpose. Since the start of 2014, she has held the position of the leader of the PR department of FIS.

Communication during a crisis, which is a daunting task in the world of Bosnian business, is sadly an often occurrence that she handles positively together with the help of her talented team and the Board of Directors, with whom she has great internal communication.

“Those are especially stressful but valuable experiences, more so when the project and company image benefit from it in the end. In this business each day we prove ourselves, create understanding, build trust in the market, and trough the right guidance of communication processes, we tell about our company and its values. I am grateful to my company that it gave a chance to me and so many other young and creative people across Bosnia and Herzegovina to prove ourselves in a field I truly enjoy working in.”



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