Žana Ranković

Žana Ranković

Corporate PR Manager at Wiener Städtische osiguranje a.d.o. Beograd

Žana Ranković is a successful and versatile marketing and PR manager. She started her career in the insurance company Sava in 1996, where she is currently employed as the Head of the Marketing and Communication Department. Prior to that, she worked in the tax administration of Čukarica as a special coordinator in the Taxes Determination Department. For that position, she completed a special course for administrative government staff.

She acquired her formal education at the Faculty of Economy at the University of Belgrade where she graduated in Marketing. For her Master’s degree, she analyzed the occurrence of Serbian insurance companies in printed media. Serbian Association of Public Relations granted her the ‘Dr. Dragutin Vračar’s award for the thesis. Considering the market growth and the need for self-improvement Ms Ranković completed a series of courses in marketing, PR, management, and insurance. She is a member of various professional associations in the fields of PR, marketing, and insurance industry.


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