Suzana Miličić

Suzana Miličić

Founder and owner of the PR Agency Kontakta PR&Media Consulting

PR Consultant with over 25 years of professional experience in the communication and media business, in Serbia and in the region. Since 2011 the founder and owner of the PR Agency Kontakta PR&Media Consulting.

Today, I mainly work on communication strategies and PR consulting for clients operating in different fields, from business to politics. Together with the Kontakta team, but also as a solo, independent consultant, I work very often for civil society organizations in Serbia, helping them to create and deliver communication campaigns on various social issues, such as the rule of law and the status of the judicial system, public administration, and local self-government, economic and social rights, violence against women, etc.

Before I started my own company, I worked in the Belgrade Office of Slovenian PR and creative agency Imelda, which had offices all over the region. This was a great period of exciting projects and the opportunity to work for international and regional corporate clients.

But, my first and most loved professional choice was – journalism. I started to work as a young journalist in very tough times in Belgrade – the middle of the nineties. I was a journalist in a famous independent daily, and later in the weekly magazine, which both harshly criticized the political regime of that time. I think that learning and practicing journalism among those very brave professionals have shaped me mostly, both personally and professionally. Understanding media and the needs of journalists helped me very much later, in PR career.

Nowadays, besides working on strategic communication, I love to teach communication skills and, luckily, I have that opportunity quite often. And yes, I still write – mostly for professional reasons and a little bit, for personal enjoyment.


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