Sergii Bidenko

Sergii Bidenko

Director and owner of

Sergii Bidenko is an award-winning Crisis and Reputation Advisor to business owners, top managers, and supervisory board members.

The author of the book «Reputation Antistress» (in Ukrainian), with a foreword from Dr. Charles J. Fombrun (the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The RepTrak Company).

Among his awards are two prestigious international recognitions: Davos Communications Awards and ICCO Global Awards for projects to combat propaganda and misinformation.

Mr. Bidenko consults for owners and top managers of companies on issues of strategic reputation management, protection against media attacks, and resolving corporate, customer, and organizational conflicts.

Sergii Bidenko constantly publishes his observations and recommendations on reputation management in crises as a volunteer who actively participates in the projects of professional communities.

As co-founder and Chairman of The United PR Association of Ukraine, Mr. Bidenko represented his country at The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO). His agency is a Eurocom Worldwide affiliate in Ukraine.



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