Sabrina Pečelin

Sabrina Pečelin

PR Manager at Porsche Slovenia

I began my professional journey as a journalist, but it didn’t take long for me to be enticed by the world of business, thanks to my father’s profound influence and his passion for technology and
cars. It was during this time that I stumbled upon an intriguing advertisement for a Volkswagen Group importer. Eager to seize the opportunity, I applied and was fortunate enough to join
Porsche Slovenia’s public relations team, where I have dedicated the past thirty years of my career. Being part of the Volkswagen Group and under the ownership of Porsche Holding in Austria has afforded me invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth. These entities have not only supported my ongoing education in our field but have also provided ample avenues for development. However, as someone from a small country, I quickly realized that finding my place within a large corporation required a keen sense of awareness and knowledge. In my role as a public relations specialist, I find myself at the heart of the company, where various threads intricately intertwine.  Slovenia, renowned for its technical culture, sporting achievements, and diligent populace, serves as an ideal backdrop for the car brands I represent. I take great pride in the enduring story of Porsche Slovenia as a successful company and reputable employer, one that encompasses diverse individuals, languages, and multifaceted goals, both realized and still unfolding. Throughout my three-decade-long tenure in public relations, I have witnessed significant changes influenced by the evolving automotive landscape and the role of PR. Despite the passing years, I remain steadfast in my confidence that we consistently deliver the finest service to our esteemed clients.


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