Olga Pejovič

Olga Pejovič

Public Relations Specialist at Generali Slovenija

Olga Pejovič from Koper, Slovenia, is a graduate journalist who has been employed in the economic sector for 25 years. She works as a PR officer at Adriatic Slovenica, the second-largest insurance company in Slovenia and the Southeast Europe region. She has always been interested in people, life, and the world around her. She reads and writes about them with joy. In a world that is turning faster and faster also as far as the economy is concerned, she has recently rediscovered her first love: video and the camera that enchanted her already during her employment on the editorial board at TV Koper-Capodistria. In 1993, with the intention of speeding up the flow of information between the insurance company’s employees, she created an internal printed newsletter. In 2014, the internal newsletter became an E-newsletter, and thanks to a state-of-the-art intranet, it represents the main internal communication channel within the company, which has 1,500 employees and 670,000 clients. Supported by her colleagues, Olga creates and edits this informative and motivational tool and is constantly updating its content with the latest information, photo galleries, and videos. Aware of the possible limitations of internal communication, she recognizes the importance of producing stories that are creative, dynamic, and always different. On the other hand, with her clear messages and well-considered approach, she helps the insurance company maintain its high reputation on the national and regional level while keeping the management and employees on the road to success. To always reach the target audience, Olga and her team analyze, give meaning to, optimize, develop, and create stories and events that reach the target groups through the mass media. Since work never makes her tired but instead gives her pleasure, she starts all projects, no matter how demanding, with everyday optimism.


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