Nina Redžepagić

Nina Redžepagić

Owner of PR and production agency OR

Owner of PR and production agency OR from Podgorica, consultant for strategic communications, film and theater producer. Studied history and criticism of theater and television in Italy, then directing in Skopje, then master’s studies in the field of new media at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. For almost 20 years, he has been working in the field of strategic communications, multimedia cultural and corporate events, film and theater production. She is a trainer in the field of communications – teaches protocol and event management at the CEPI PR school, participates as a lecturer and moderator at various conferences in the field of communications and media. Her company takes care of the image of many companies, of which Hipotekarna banka, Uniprom Group, Crnogorski Telekom stand out, and she worked on the creation of a large number of communication strategies and events for which she was hired by international organizations and the business sector (UNDP, World Health Organization, UNICEF , British Council, Crnogorski Telekom, Deutsche Telekom, Hipotekarna banka, Institute for Public Health, UNIPROM, Škoda Praha, CGES,…). You will find her name on the credits of Hollywood productions where she worked as a producer. She specialized in the fields of finance, culture, energy and environmental protection, and her work stood out during the creation and implementation of the covid crisis management communications strategy, which is one of the most successful PR campaigns in Montenegro.


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