Mitar Vučković

Mitar Vučković

Internal communication specialist at Elektroprivreda Crne Gore

Mitar Vučković, born in 1973 in Nikšić. I am a graduate professor of literature and a Master of Journalism and Public Relations. During almost three decades of my professional career, I have been working as a presenter, journalist, and editor in the RTCG Informational Program. In December 2008, I started my professional engagement in “Elektroprivreda Crne Gore” as a PR manager in the Office of the Executive Director. After that, I was a specialist in the Department for External Communication and head of the Department for Internal Communication in the EPCG Public Relations Directorate. I am currently working as an internal communication specialist in the Public Relations and Marketing Department within the Corporate Communications Department.

I am very proud of my social involvement, especially in the field of humanitarian work. I have been a long-term voluntary blood donor, the president of the Club of Voluntary Blood Donors of EPCG, and an activist of the Red Cross, where I held several responsible positions. I was recently elected president of the Red Cross of Montenegro.
I am a holder of the Silver Badge of the Red Cross. Among the other awards, I would single out the Journalist of the Year award for 2006 in the selection of the Public Media Service of Montenegro (RTCG).


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