Milica Đokić

Milica Đokić

Sales Marketing Manager at, Communications Specialist atSKYMUSIC™ PRODUCTION

With 15 years of work experience, Milica Đokić has worked in the fields of journalism, sales, publishing, and public relations. She began her career at the local radio station where she worked as an author and presenter. Milica continued gaining experience as a sales manager at „LDL bathrooms“ and later became assistant editor at the Serbian issue of Brava Casa. From 2008 Milica has been working at Color Press Group where she held positions of PR and Event Manager, Director of Corporate Communications, Director of Scandal Media, and Head of Corporate Communications Color Media Int. She currently works as a Director of Color Media Communications (PR and communications).

For almost 10 years, Milica has participated in the PRO.PR Conference and she is also a regular guest at the Weekend Media Festival. She is a recipient of the „Dama 2015“ award for her contribution to the media industry.

Milica Đokić studied French language and literature for two years and has a bachelor’s degree in Economy from the University for Service Business where she graduated as one of the best students.

In her free time, Milica writes travel articles for the magazines „Joy“, „Travel“, „Hello“ and „Bravo“ and likes to learn about different cultures. She speaks English, French and Italian.


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