Milena Avramović Bjelica

Milena Avramović Bjelica

Executive Director and Co-Founder of Chapter 4 Communications Consulting agency

Milena is a mechanical engineer by profession although she has been in communications for almost two decades. In 2010, together with Tamara Bekčić, she co-founded a communications consulting agency, Chapter 4. She has been one of the pioneers in communications in the ICT sector and there are only few companies in this field Milena hasn’t worked with. Her vast experience and expertise includes project management with top-class international and Serbian companies and organizations and her close cooperation with clients’ teams resulted in prize-winning campaigns, innovations and excellent business results.

In the past, before Chapter 4, Milena was also in communications but also knows a thing or two about graphic design, pre-printing as well as engineering-related activities in the production sector.

She has been a regular participant at global, regional and local conferences willing to selflessly share her knowledge and experience with others as a lecturer, mentor, panellist and as an author of numerous articles.

Milena is married and a mother to a teenage boy. She believes that it is a duty of every human being to contribute to the local community and society as such.  Her philanthropic efforts during the Covid- 19 pandemic have been recognized by the Serbian Philanthropy Forum with an acknowledgment for her humanitarian work.

She is a passionate traveller and a reader, a music lover and an amateur runner. She has a couple of half-marathons under her belt and believes that the current hiatus in her running career is just another roadblock she will soon overcome.


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