Liz Ostermann

Liz Ostermann

VIP Public Relations Official at Saint Hill Castle and Manor

I have worked at the UK headquarters of the L. Ron Hubbard Public Relations Office, Church of Scientology in East Grinstead for 34 years.
In addition to working with international VIPs who visit the UK, I have traveled extensively in Europe working with high-profile professionals. My core skills are in communication and bringing communities together.

I run a team of volunteers in numerous community activities assisting the local Council on important town events. During the pandemic, we worked as members of the East Grinstead Emergency Action Group, sanitized places of worship and community centers to keep the public safe, and personally distributed 100,000 copies of our Staying Well booklets in our area. For this, we were nominated by the Council for a Community Champion and then selected and awarded by our local Member of Parliament.
At Saint Hill Castle where I work, I have staged numerous significant fund-raising events and concerts for local and national charities for over 20 years. I have attended police conferences for 12 years and supplied our free drug education booklets and videos to hundreds of police and probation officers. For these types of activities, we have received numerous awards from national and local level organizations and charities.

The above is a small fraction of my daily activities. My life is focused on working for and with people of all levels and solving issues to make improvements. These past 34 years have been the happiest I could dream of.



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