Keith Ryan

Keith Ryan


Keith Ryan is described as an entrepreneur and innovator who never gives up. He is the Founder and CEO of Scan Quo. He developed a technological process that is useful, necessary, time-saving, and efficient.  His discovery solves problems in a way that has not been done before. He developed strong communication strategies to get his idea known, accepted, and understood so that the concept gained attention and investment.

With over three decades of experience in the cleaning industry across commercial, industrial, and residential sectors, Keith commenced his career as a cleaner to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sector in its entirety, before gradually ascending to operational management within global brands. Notably, Keith has collaborated with esteemed contract service providers including OCS in the UK and Momentum in Ireland, honing his understanding of service delivery intricacies on an international scale.

He is known for humility and tenacity and both these qualities have enabled him to communicate well with stakeholders and to build relationships based on goodwill and mutual trust. Keith’s ascent within the industry is a testament to his adeptness in both interpersonal communication relations and business acumen. Demonstrating a flair for the complexities of people management and operational efficiency, he progressed from managerial positions to regional manager and national contracts manager. Keith’s tenacity led him to establish and direct his own business, further augmenting his comprehensive grasp of the cleaning sector.

Throughout his career, Keith consistently encountered inquiries from clients seeking precise and tailored cleaning solutions.  This recurring demand sparked the inception of ScanQuo for which he leverages his industry knowledge, leadership qualities, and client-centric approach.


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