Jo Kempen

Jo Kempen

Board Advisor at Famax, Director of Corporate Communications at ARGUS grupa

After earning her bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and sociology at the Department of Croatian Studies at Zagreb University and at the Centre for Women’s Studies, she started building a career in the media industry. For five years she worked as a writer for several lifestyle magazines and publications in her field of studies. She started working for Croatian Post in 2010, focusing on corporate communications, mainly public relations. She first worked as an expert associate and PR officer, and at the end of 2012 she was appointed Head of Public Relations and in September 2016 Executive Director at the helm of the Croatian Post’s Corporate Communications Office. In addition to operations management, she participated in the development of the company’s communications standard and actively worked on multiple strategic projects and the company’s business strategy. Today, she is in a senior management position and participates in major projects, including strategic communications and key operations decisions, through strategic communication and as an expert consultant. In addition to her experience in corporate PR, she also gained extensive experience in crisis communication. She occasionally holds lectures as a guest lecturer and always emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and experience gained through dedicated work. In pursuing professional education she attended the London School of Public Relations and completed numerous professional PR, leadership, NLP, and other courses and seminars. In business, she is guided by professional principles reflecting humanistic values. She is a member of the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ).


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