Jelena Milašinović

Jelena Milašinović

Communication Manager at Belgrade Philharmonic

Jelena Milašinović, M.D., graduated in piano at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, and received her Master of Science degree at the University of Arts, on the Cultural Policy and Management in Culture program (interculturalism and mediation in the Balkans). She is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Media and Communication. She received professional training in the field of public relations at the London School of Public Relations in Belgrade. He has been in the position of PR manager of the Belgrade Philharmonic since 2013. As a spokeswoman for the institution, she manages the organization’s entire communications, designs and implements communication strategies, social responsibility development projects and brand promotion of the Belgrade Philharmonic. For the philharmonic projects, she was awarded the 2018 PRecognition in the category of PR communication in integrated campaigns, awarded by the Serbian Society for Public Relations DSOJ. At the following contest DSOJ was awarded for Brand PR and Communication of Socially Responsible Projects. She is the winner of the Kaktus award for the best PR in 2019 by the Marketing network, as well as the award of the Association for Market Communications of Serbia in two categories, Brand PR and Communication of a socially responsible project in 2019. For Digital Communications of the Belgrade Philharmonic, she was awarded by DSOJ and UEPS for 2020. She is a participant in numerous professional meetings in the field of communications in creative industries, marketing and socially responsible business.


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