Ivana Đurić

Ivana Đurić

Head of Communications at the Ministry of European Integration, Government of the Republic of Serbia

Ivana Đurić is a communications and training expert with 20 years of experience in planning and managing government strategic communications and professional development within public administration. From 2011 till 2017 Ivana worked as Assistant Director for Communication and Training in the European Integration Office of the Government of Serbia. Since September 2017 she has been Head of Communication Section in the Ministry for European Integration.

Being a civil servant, she fervently promotes transparency and accountability of Serbian administration. She is the author of several publications aiming to close the effects of EU accession, as well as democratic principles and the rule of law to various stakeholders. Ivana has a privilege of being a member of the Club of Venice, an EU group of high-level public communicators from the EU Member States where ensure a Serbian voice. She is one of the co-founders and a member of the Steering committee of SEECOM, an international professional association of public sector communicators from South Eastern Europe.

Ivana holds a Law Degree from the University of Belgrade. In 2017 she was granted the Draper Hills Fellowship by Stanford University, “Development, Democracy and Rule of Law Program” chaired by Professor Frances Fukuyama.


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