Ivan Hrvoje Maljković

Ivan Hrvoje Maljković

Public Relations Advisor at Croatian Banking Association

Ivan Hrvoje Maljković began his career in the sports department at a public relations agency after graduating from VERN’s University of Applied Sciences. He actively prepared and implemented a public relations strategy, participated in maintaining media relations, organized public events, and also developed knowledge in the field of marketing and sponsorship activities.

During his career, he was a valuable team member of one of the PR agencies with the largest and richest experience in the Croatian market. He provided all the necessary support in the segment of public relations and media relations as well as communications consulting for the leading telecommunications and financial companies.

At the moment Ivan Hrvoje works as a Public Relations Advisor at the Croatian Banking Association (CBA) where he’s responsible for planning, development, and execution of all external and internal communication activities. He gained experience in many complex communication projects in the field of banking and finance industry. As a leader of the Public Relations Working Group, which brings together communication experts from CBA’s member banks, he prepares and coordinates the most efficient communication with the media and the public. In this way, he strengthens the role of the CBA’s PR activities, which continues to play the strategic role of a ‘spokesperson’ for the entire sector. He actively promotes topics of financial literacy, cyber security, and digitalization of the finance industry in the media space. His unstoppable driving force encourages him to improve his knowledge, skills, and competences in order to develop himself personally and professionally.


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