Elena Zelinskaya

Elena Zelinskaya

Journalist, writer, and activist

Elena Zelinskaya is a Russian journalist, writer, and activist.

She is one of the founders of “Saint Petersburg’s Journalists League” and the “Northwestern Media Association”, President of the Russian media workers’ organization “MediaSoyuz”, and a member of the Public Chamber (2006-2010).

Mrs. Zelinskaya is a well-known author and a presenter of popular TV and radio programs, a columnist for several popular Russian publications, author of the novel “On the Rivers of Babylon” and the collection of stories “A House with a View on Corfu”. She has also written many short stories, some of which have been translated into Serbian and Greek.

Since her work as a counsellor at the Russian Centre of Science and Art in Belgrade (2015-2016) she has dedicated a lot of time and effort towards the development of Russian-Balkan ties. It was her initiative to publish collections of stories written by Serbian and Montenegrin authors. She has organized Russian writers’ participation in literature activities in Serbia and Montenegro and has supported and helped promote modern Russian literature in Montenegro.



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