Dušan Marković

Dušan Marković

Head of Corporate Marketing at Gemak Trade Skopje, brings the recognition to Macedonia

At the moment Corporate Marketing Officer is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of an organization’s marketing and PR initiatives in Gemak Trade Group. Gemak is one of the largest import and active distribution companies for tobacco, an exclusive strategic partner of world bestselling spirit brands (Diageo), coffee, food, and beverage products in Macedonia which recently expanded their business operations into real estate and hospitality. Daughter company Parkland Hospitality Group already well known in the region has been recently awarded a South East Europe Brand Leader award.

Almost 20 years of experience Marketing Communication, Advertising & PR Professional which excels in dynamic, high-growth entrepreneurial and corporate environment with past experience of 9 years in Telecommunications as a Brand Manager and 7 more years experience in Marketing Agency. During his versatile career as a communication expert in different industries, there is one dot that intersects all his experiences which can be interpreted as an unstoppable driving force in his personal and professional journey – exploring the never-ending possibilities of storytelling and delivering them, at the right time in the right way so they make an desired impact, change or action in the environment.


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