Astrid Mušura Kaučić

Astrid Mušura Kaučić

Astrid Mušura Kaučić

Senior Consultant at In Medias Res Agency

Ms. Astrid Mušura Kaučić graduated in economics and law from the University of Zagreb. She also holds two MBAs which she completed with thesis titles „Public Relations ant the Croatian Management“ and „European Union (law, economy, politics and history)“.

During her long nad rich career, Ms. Mušura Kaučić has worked in many different business positions. She was a spokesperson at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Croatia, owner and General Manager of the first public relations agency in Croatia, P.R. Zagreb, PR and Marketing Manager in the hotel InterContinental Zagreb, representative of Atlas Airtours in Tunis and Canary Islands.

Currently, Ms. Mišura Kaučić is a senior consultant in three PR agencies: Odnosi s javnošću, In Media Res komunikacije i Odnosi z javnostmi. Ms. Mišura Kaučić has also been on the team of several ongoing and completed local nad international projects including the Health City (Zagreb), the Croatian Earth Train for Peace and the Croatian-American Society. Ms. Mušura Kaučić has a very successful sports career. She was a Ski-Alpine champion in former Yugoslavia from 1969 to 1975. Ms. Mušura Kaučić is also a founder and member of the Croatian Public Relations Association.

Ms. Mušura Kaučić is specialized in the tasks related to privatization, investment, public relations, event management, crisis management, public affairs, media relations, business law, penal law, „grass roots“ and many others. Ms. Mušura Kaučić was a coordinator for the international marketing and international politics on the Board of the Organizing Committee of the 1987 Universiade Zagreb. She worked on marketing projects for the Games, TV rights, Sponsorships etc.

Ms. Mišura Kaučić is fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Slovenian. She is married and lives in Zagreb.


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