Andrea Brbaklić

Andrea Brbaklić

CEO at FromA Consulting Ltd

Andrea Brbaklić, a distinguished professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Economy, currently excels as the owner and principal consultant at FromA Consulting. With a remarkable 11-year career at Erste Bank in Serbia, where she held pivotal roles as the Communication Division Executive Director and Human Resources Division Executive, Andrea has been a driving force in her field of expertise. Before her banking career, she co-owned and directed the communication management agency, Pristop, where she guided various privatization and transformation processes.
In her pursuit of professional development, Andrea underwent studies supported by the British Government in the Corporation of London in the City of London. Her international exposure includes advanced studies in New York and participation in the “Women Leaders Mentoring Programme” in 2008 organized by the State Department, Forbes Magazine, and Vital Voices, spending a month in Washington and New York.
A notable figure in the field, Andrea co-founded the Serbian Public Relations Association and co-authored the book “Media Relations.” She played a key role as the Vice President of the United Nations Global Compact in Serbia, during which Serbia was recognized as one of the three most active countries among all UN members. Andrea also serves on the Managing Board of the Catalyst Foundation and has been the regional representative for Serbia in the European Communication Directors Association for almost a decade.
Her passion lies in community affairs, where she invested significant efforts in building partnerships across public, private, and civic sectors. Andrea volunteered and shared her experiences with civic organizations, pioneering strategically driven community programs with Erste Bank in Serbia. Dedicated to social responsibility, she continues to make impactful contributions to various organizations, solidifying her commitment to excellence and community betterment.
In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Andrea received individual awards from the Serbian PR Association for her significant role in PR development in Serbia. She was also honored by AmCham as a Woman Leader in Change, highlighting her exceptional leadership in driving positive transformations.


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