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In addition to my career, I have dedicated my life to taking care of the importance of giving. Each of us has our own story and each of us has our own path in life, sometimes it is easier, sometimes more challenging, and for some, it is still very difficult. I want to globally recognize projects that have a deep understanding of diversity, inclusion, and support for others.

I’m surprised that someone recognized that this quality of recognition is missing and yet needed in the world. It is needed to encourage a new way of thinking and doing.

The organizer and founder decided to name an award after me after decades of invisibility. Why? Personally, I never expected this in life. I like to keep my kindness private…..but as the saying goes, expect the unexpected. I must accept this award for the greater good to come.

I accept this recognition because it encourages me to encourage other humanitarians.

I will lay down the criteria to enable the awarding of this recognition of this humanitarian award. It will be publicly available information, leading hopefully to global, local, or regional influence.

It will be challenging because many people are operating in the world who are not globally visible in their activities, but I will try to make them visible if they accept,  through recognition that they deserve. In an age of celebrity, we seek not to make celebrities but to encourage in all, a humanitarian pathway that makes real selfless improvement in the world.

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