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Constant changes including rapidly developing technological innovations, the evolving expectations of successive generations, positive and negative global events, and the policies of national, regional, local, and city administrations all demand highly effective communication. When such demand is properly achieved, individual citizens, communities, the voluntary sector, businesses – everyone – benefits for the common good.

Having worked in public sector communication at national, international, and local levels for forty years it is no surprise that I am passionate about it. So, too are all those practitioners who contribute so much to the sector today and this is why the award in my name has been created: it will recognise the pinnacle of achievement in using professional communications that have demonstrably helped to deliver public sector policies and have done so with honesty and integrity.

The communications industry is a leader in exchanging best practices and ensuring that practitioners across the globe continually learn and enhance their skills. So, this award is a truly international recognition of the highest achievement. Entries are welcomed from any municipality, city, state, or specific project which serves public administration. There can only be one winner

and that marks out this award as recognition of the best of the best. It will be highly revered and will give each year’s winner a special and lasting endorsement.

The organizers and I will scrutinize publicly available information and evidence as well as any data I specifically request to enable the most objective and transparent decision as to the award’s winner. Because I recognize our industry’s lead in exchanging ideas and best practices to the benefit of all practitioners, key points from entrants will be shared on the PRO PR website. So, even though there can only be one winner, every entry has the potential to be showcased on the frequently visited and influential PRO PR  website.”

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