PRO PR GLOBE Awards 25 laureates from 15 countries will be awarded

PRO PR GLOBE Awards 25 laureates from 15 countries will be awarded

This year’s 25 laureates of the PRO PR GLOBE Awards come from 15 countries and will be presented with unique works of art from the Art Academy of Novi Sad, University of Novi Sad. The awarding ceremony will take place on March 15, 2024, at Hotel Mona Plaza, Belgrade, where the 21st-anniversary edition of the international PRO PR Conference is also being held.

This year’s award winners are: from Slovenia: Sabrina Pečelin, PR manager at Porsche Slovenia, Alenka Vidic Praprotnik, managing director of o28 communication group and Blaž Ferenc, director of corporate communications and sustainability at A1 Slovenia and A1 Serbia, from Great Britain: Polly Cziok, executive director of change and innovation London Borough of Merton and Sophie Brendel, director of the audience, commercial and digital department at the Victoria and Albert Museum, from Serbia: Milena Avramović Bjelica, executive director and co-founder of Chapter 4, Jelena Milašinović, communications manager of the Belgrade Philharmonic, Suzana Miličić , owner of Kontakta PR and Andrea Brbaklić, director of FromA Consulting Ltd., from Croatia: Robert Škunca, general manager of the Southeast Europe Grayling region and Dario Gabrić, head of corporate communications Erste bank Croatia, from Bosnia and Herzegovina: Nedžad Džudža, head of marketing and communications, ASA Osiguranje d.d. and Latifa Imamović, head of marketing, Klika, from Italy: Alicia Matilda Lubrani, chief marketing director and director of corporate communications in the country of Axpo Italia, from Montenegro: Nina Redžepagić, owner of PR agency OR and Slađana Radović, head of marketing, PR and of user experience Novi Volvox, from North Macedonia: Ratka Tiricovska, head of marketing and PR of Stopanska banka AD Skopje, from the United States: LaShonda L. Eaddy, assistant professor of public relations at Penn State University and Travis Parman, general manager for communications AppHarvest, from South Africa: Dustin Chick, partner and general manager of Razor PR, from Ukraine: Sergii Bidenko, director of, from Iran: Mina Nazari, PR and communication specialist Power Distribution Company, Tabriz, from Romania : Dana Oancea, president of the Forum for International Communication, from Spain: Rafa Llopis, head of the Revestech marketing department, and from Hungary: Zsófia Balatoni, co-founder of the Uniomedia PR agency.

PRO PR GLOBE Awards is the only award program for individuals, whose work contributes to a better perception of the positioning of the public relations profession at the global, regional, and local levels. It is focused on individuals and not on projects.

The recognition is awarded as part of the publicly available rulebook, former winners nominate future ones and the committee, which includes former winners of this recognition and members of the organizing committee, decides on the winners based on data collected after the nomination process, which includes: a review of the biography, media publications and other relevant public sources of information that can confirm the credibility and expertise of candidates in the process of nomination and selection for the PRO PR GLOBE Awards.

Since 2017, the PRO PR GLOBE Awards is the only awards program in which winners are nominated by individual members of four global communication associations: International Public Relations Association – IPRA, International Communication Consulting Organization ) – ICCO, The Public Relations and Communications Association – PRCA and Chartered Institute of Public Relations – CIPR.

As part of the PRO PR GLOBE Awards, the PRO PR Vision City, PRO PR Vision Manager, and Infigo Awards will be traditionally awarded for a special contribution to the development of communications management, and the winners will be announced on November 7, 2023.

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