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After careful analysis of the Global, European and National rewarding programs of professional public relations association, and organization who is organizing PRO PR conference (Apriori World doo; Florijana Andrašeca 18a, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia) have come to the conclusion with organizations who are participate in the nomination process. that there is no global rewarding program that is focused on rewarding and confirms individuals, professionals working in PR or are part of communication processes and contribute to the development of the communication industry and PR profession. All existing rewarding programs in the field of Public Relations are mostly focus and intended for projects not individuals. That is why a global program for rewarding individuals and one city is established every year under a common name. “PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS”, this is the only reward program for which it is not necessary to pay a financial fee, but the winners are selected in accordance with these regulations. The award can be given in the current year and subsequently for the previous year during the official program of the PRO PR conference or it can be handed out in person. In this procedure, extraordinary circumstances decide, such as a global pandemic, weather conditions, global scale, military conflicts in certain areas and all situations that may put the organizer in a situation where he cannot act in accordance with the regulations.
Based on those reasons, founder and president of the organizing board of the international conference for public relations and communication management PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS, Danijel Koletić, (aka Daniel Key) has made a decision on the March 27th, 2011, a njegova odluka donesena je 28 January 2019.godine to found PRO PR GLOBE Awards aimed at better promotion, importance, value, knowledge in the field of communication industry with a focus on public relations.
Based on that decision, this set of rules of annual acknowledgement of PRO PR conference, PRO PR Globe Awards has been created.
The official communication of the PRO PR Globe Awards program is via phone, email, social networks, digital platforms and websites of the PRO PR conference and PRO PR globe awards. Offical email adress are [email protected] and [email protected]


Article 1.

PRO PR conference is an international conference for public relations and communication management which started it’s work in 2002, in organization of specialized agency for consulting in communication field and business development, Apriori World (Apriori World d.o.o.) when PRO PR was established Apriori communications. According to it’s mission and vision, the PRO PR conference was established in 2003. being held every year at a different location in one of the countries of Southeast Europe. This model of organizing PRO PR conferences is also unique for the field of public relations in this region. Conference is being held under the motto Networking in motion and through different locations we are meeting different communication standards, social environment and traditions of the destination which presents a possibility of gaining new knowledge, and within the PRO PR conference, it is held as a key standard called PRO PR GLOBE AWARDS

Article 2.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the PRO PR conference, the annual acknowledgment PRO PR awards was established with a goal of improving the perception of the PR experts.

Article 3.

PRO PR GLOBE Awards is an official name of the awards program that rewards individuals and cities who through ethically efficient communication management with imapct on the social community by creating promote and leave a mark within the PR industry as individuals and cities who with their communication and content, development vision have implemented, create positive publicity of that city, using public relations tools in their communication.


Article 4.

PRO PR GLOBE Awards program includes the following categories includes several categories of recognition: PRO PR GLOBE Awards, PRO PR Vision Manager, PRO PR Vision Manager Award.

Article 6.

Acknowledgment is based on the process of nomination. At the invitation of the president of the organizing board of PRO PR Globe Awards, former recipients of the acknowledgment nominate at minimum 1 (one) and at maximum 5 (five) people from different countries. Former recipients can nominate a person outside of their own country of origin, and members of the organizing committee also participate in the nomination process. Nominated can be people employed in the field of communication management, close to the field of public relations, no matter their gender, age, sexual, religious or national orientation. After collecting all nominations of the future recipients, the organizational board of PRO PR Awards does analysis of the nominated which includes: verification of their business biography, analysis of their media publications, analysis of their work effect on the PR profession and their community. Every recipient will be notified via e-mail, by the organizing board of PRO PR Awards, about their decision and will receive the list of all recipients in all categories and of the date of the award ceremony .

Article 7.

PRO PR Vision City Award is an annual acknowledgement which is intended for one city of the host country of PRO PR conference of the current year. Acknowledgement is awarded to the city which has, through it’s communications strategy, created additional public attention, inside and outside of the national boarders, because of cultural, sports or economical event or project, or because of architectural or some other valuable feature that has created a new vision of the city.

Article 8.

City is chosen from the country which is the host of the conference by the following procedure: by the 4 (four) former participants of the conference and 1 (one) member of the organizing board from the host country, 3 (three) nominations of 3 (three) cities are gathered. One of those cities is given the title of PRO PR Vision City and they are acknowledged by the PRO PR City Vision Award.

Article 9.

PRO PR Vision Manager Award is an annual recognition intended for president of the management board, CEO, sports director, sports event director, director of the cultural institution, cultural event director or a NGO project manager who kept or crated a positive image for their organization by one of the following activities: placing new products and services on the market, managing a project which contributes to national interest, investing in sponsorships, investing in communication strategies of corporate social responsibility or other activities which have greatly improved perception of the organization.

Article 10.

The recipient of the acknowledgement is chosen from the country which is the host of the conference by the following procedure: by the 3 (three) former participants of the conference or previous PRO PR Awards recipients and 1 (one) member of the organizing board from the host country, 3 (three) nominations of the 3 (three) managers are gathered. The winner receives PRO PR Vision Manager Award.

Article 11.

PRO PR INFIGO Award is an annual acknowledgement which is awarded and given, based on the personal selection of the founder of the PRO PR conference, Mr. Danijel Koletić. Recipient of this acknowledgement is a person which has, through their professional activities, significantly contributed to the development of public relation. This acknowledgement can be awarded to the individuals from the field of journalism, public relations, all types of marketing, promotion, digital communication or a member of the academic community which has effectively encouraged the development of their field.

Article 12.

In the move with global messages on the importance of transparency in public communication, the Organising Board of the PRO PR Conference will give, periodically or yearly, the new PRO PR Transparency Award, based on the communication project analysis. Organising Board all consider all projects that are, with their transparent communication, contributing to the community development. With this recognition, we want to encourage all organisations to inform the public through their communication transparency using various techniques and tools of communication. With this Award we want to encourage ethical business and communication practice all among public and private sector.
This honourable Award will be given by three-member Board made up by members of the Organising Board.


Article 13.

President of the organising board of PRO PR Awards annually appoints a coordinator, who will take responsibility of communicating with all individuals which are selected to participate in the process of nominations for the current year. President appoints an ambasador, or a person who will hand the award to the recipient or recipients who were not able to participate or were not able to send a person to receive their award at the award ceremony.

Article 14.

Organising board of PRO PR Awards includes individuals who are part of the organizing and operational activities of PRO PR conference inside and outside of the territory on which the conference and awards ceremony are being held.

Article 15.

PRO PR Awards recipients can be nominated by the minimum of 1 (one) person and maximum of 5 (five) people. The minimum number of people who confirm nominated as a recipient of the PRO PR Awards is 3 (five).


Article 16.

Annual acknowledgement PRO PR Awards is given to the person from public relations profession, who has, either in practice or academia, been active over 5 (five) years. Work and activities of the nominee are proven by their biography and can be verified through means of public information.

Article 17.

Decision about the recipients of PRO PR Awards is made by the Committee, which consist of the president of the organizing board of PRO PR Awards and 4 (four) members of the organizing board of PRO PR conference. They make their decision within the following parameters: publishing activities, public performances, lectures at the conferences, congresses, forums, debates and different educational platforms, participation on various projects connected to the communication management and public relations.


Article 18.

Proces of the nomination of the all annual acknowledgements will be completed at earliest, 5 (five) months before the award ceremony, which will be announced at latest 7 (seven) months in advance.

Article 19.

Nominees may not be persons active in politics in any of the institutions or authorities or part of a political party or active military personnel or authorities whose compromise has compromised the structure of public relations. Persons who are appointed and later find themselves as part of a court proceeding in which they harm the public relations profession or a proceeding devalues human life, their appointment ceases to be valid.


Article 20.

Every supplement of this rule book can be suggested by the president of the organizing board of PRO PR Awards, to the members of the organizing board of PRO PR Awards once a year, 7 (seven) months before the date of the award ceremony, at latest.

Article 22.

This Rule book is a public document. Individuals can comment on it, through written form, directly to the president of the organizing board of PRO PR conference. All complaints nad suggestions will be taken under consideration and through written form, will be responded within 30 radnih (thirty) days.

The present Set of Rules has been adapted on January 28 2019

President of the Organising Board of PRO PR conference

Danijel Koletić