Vesna Drole

Vesna Drole

Office of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Office

After completing journalism studies, Mrs. Drole applied to the Master’s degree program in European Integration – The Role of Mass Media in the Adoption of an Integrated Model at the Graduate School of Humanities (ISH) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Mrs. Drole gained her first experience in journalism at the Slovenian Press Agency. After SPA, she spent several years at POP TV as co-creator of the news program 24 ur (24 hours) and news presenter. In 1999, Drole took over the Public Relations Service of the Ministry, which she has managed under four different Ministers. Also, she was part of the Slovenian EU Presidency Team in the European Affairs and International Cooperation Service. In 2010 Mrs. Drole became part of the Public Relations Division of Slovenian Police, where she is responsible for strategic communication planning and heading a division that communicates with the public via different channels, makes sure that all eight police directorates communicate in a coordinated manner, prepares different expert materials and texts, publishes a magazine “Varnost” (eng. Security), organizes different events and provides protocol support, prepares communication training for the police employees, etc. The work is very dynamic and often involves crisis communication. Even though police activities are not always popular with the public, opinion polls nevertheless show a high level of understanding and support, which is partly a result of effective communication practices.

Last year, Mrs. Drole was a member of the jury panel for the POMP 2018 content marketing awards in Ljubljana. A humanist by conviction, until recently Mrs. Drole has been chosen for a member of the Ethics and Integrity in the Police Committee, as well as one of the initial builders of the Growing Book project, taking place under the auspices of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia.



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