Jelena Vujović

Jelena Vujović

Head of Strategic Marketing and Communications at NLB Banka AD Podgorica

Jelena manages activities in the domain of marketing and corporate communications, PR/a, and socially responsible business, as well as corporate management. She gained many years of experience in the field of communications, marketing, and PR in numerous positions at NLB Bank and Euromarket Bank, in the international election monitoring organization ODIHR, and as marketing director and spokesperson for the Montenegrin National Theater. Jelena studied English and Italian language and literature at the University of Montenegro, as well as postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the same university.

As a manager in the field of communications and a translator for several domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations, she was engaged in supporting the promotion of regional publishing (Open Cultural Forum) and social inclusion through art and culture (Punkt), and using modern debating techniques (Open Mediterranean Club). Her constant interest is focused on the translation of contemporary literature and socially engaged texts that were published in the magazine for literature, culture, and social issues.

In recent years, she has been studying transactional analysis and methods of its application both in modern organizations and in the sphere of business communication.


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