Gabrijela Petković Jovanović

Gabrijela Petković Jovanović

PR manager at Serbian Business Register's Agency - SBRA

Gabrijela Petković Jovanović is a PR professional with more than 15 years of experience in the area of Public Relations in Public Administration. She gained the most important professional experience by performing the function of PR Manager at the Ministry of Labor and Employment in the Government of Zoran Đinđić, Ph.D., (2001-2004) where she actively participated in the realization of a governmental campaign of presenting key democratic reforms “Srbija na dobrom putu” (eng. “Serbia on a good road”) (2001-2002) and “Ponosni na Srbiju” (eng. “Proud of Serbia”) (2002), as well as in the creation of media campaigns for the Labour Act (2002) and the Employment Act (2003), with a special emphasis on the promotion of social and self-employment programs as a means of recruiting and caring for unemployed persons and workers who have remained without jobs in restructured companies. In the organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs USA (International Media Training Center), she attended the training for government spokespersons in Washington (2002).

Since its establishment in 2004, she has been working for The Serbian Business Register’s Agency, where she formed the public relations function and was responsible for conducting a media campaign promoting the free translation of businessmen from court paper into electronic registers and representation of the Agency as an efficient service for businessmen and citizens. She participated in creating the content for the first Internet presentation and building a positive image in public as a modern public administration of recognizable corporate identity.

Today, Gabrijela is engaged in external and internal communication, crisis management, content creation, and communication with the users over Facebook. She is also responsible for providing information on the basis of the Act on the Right of Access to Information of Public Interest.

In the field of PR and marketing, Gabrijela participated in creating a campaign for the first public presentation of the Israeli company Airport City Belgrade and Porsche SCG in Serbia (brand dealers Porsche, Volkswagen, and Seat). She also participated in the re-organization of the SPO political party, creating the campaign for candidates for the mayoral elections of Belgrade and the Serbian Lottery. Previously, she was engaged in TV journalism (1997-2001). She graduated in Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology.






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