Olivera Ćirković

//Olivera Ćirković

Olivera Ćirković works as a director of marketing and corporate communications at Univerexport, the largest domestic retail chain in the Serbian market. She has gained knowledge and experience in this field in the last 15 years, specializing in her professional skills in the field of public relations and media, as well as brand development and improvement.

Many years of experience have provided her with opportunities to work within numerous projects, both in the field of marketing, research, and in the field of socially responsible business and development of the foundation.

The ideal base to make a perfect match with her carreer, was her first love – language and communication that found an ideal refuge in the diversity and breadth of her professional career.
In addition to her professional commitment and fulfillment, Olivera is a mother, wife, sister, aunt, daughter …… a fearless fighter for justice and a workaholic who is not afraid of challenges.