Dražen Dumančić 

//Dražen Dumančić 

Deputy Executive Director for PR and Marketing Communications in Privredna banka Zagreb

Dražen Dumančić has been working in the field of public relations for 25 years, almost since the very inception of the PR profession and corporate public relations in Croatia. He has been with Privredna banka Zagreb (a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group), the second largest bank in Croatia, since 1995, carrying out various functions in the segment of public relations, media relations and corporate communications. Over the years, he has participated in and led numerous communication and PR activities related to the transformation of PBZ from a state-owned bank, a very intensive restructuring process, and its privatization. His many years of experience include operational and leadership positions in public relations and media relations, crisis communication, development and implementation of specialist PR and marketing activities in the banking industry. Currently, he acts as Deputy Executive Director for Public Relations and Marketing Communications, responsible for managing and coordinating Public relations and corporate communications activities for the Bank and PBZ Group which includes subsidiary banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb.