Danica Zorin Mijošek

//Danica Zorin Mijošek

Vision Manager

Danica Zorin Mijošek, founder and director of the company Kozmetika Afrodita d.o.o., Rogaška Slatina, SLO
A beautician by profession, she opened her first beauty salon at the age of 18 within the Grand Hotel Donat in Rogaška Slatina.
1970 – opening of its own beauty salon called Aphrodite in Rogaška Slatina
1970 – with co-workers produces the first face care cream called CAMOMILE
1980 – products under the brand name Kozmetika Afrodita appear at points of sale in various retail chains such as Mercator.
1990 – The collapse of the common state and the loss of the majority of the market lead to a strategic decision to enter foreign markets in Europe.
2000 – expansion of business premises for the purpose of increasing the complex of laboratories, logistics departments and production processes.
2010 – development of dermo- and neuro-cosmetic lines, which surpass the classic nourishing role of cosmetics.
2019 – construction of new, modern and larger business premises for the needs of modern laboratories, microbiology and production.
Ms. Danica has 3 sons, who work in the company and eight grandchildren, the ninth is on the way. Her two grandchildren are already employed by the company.
Her way of life and even hobby is cosmetics. It is actively involved in all processes of development and production of cosmetics. She is also still very busy as a company director.
About Aphrodite: in 2019 over 18 million revenues, 150 people are employed, it is located in Rogaška Slatina, where all KA products are produced. The brand with sales representatives in 20 different countries around the world, is globally presented and sold through a web shop.